Is your sap running? You’d better go catch it.

2015-03-25 11.32.59

Although we were late getting to it, the sap was late to run this year, due to this weather the Maritimes are having.  So, we are right on time. First warmish, sunny day, it’s about to begin..

2015-03-25 11.32.02We tapped six trees, just using little 1-2 gal food grade buckets.  Edit: Later we put aluminum foil hats on them (paranoid conspiracy buckets) with elastic bands.  Wasn’t pretty, but it worked, relatively.  Only lost two hats in the wind.

We don’t intend to boil down the sap to syrup, because we don’t have an outdoor cooking facility, so we’ll have to use it fresh.  We’ll just drink it, cook with it, drink it….

There’s nothing more divine than cold fresh maple sap. Perhaps it’s even healing.

2015-03-25 11.57.20
One of the very first drops, captured.

There is altogether too much snow around here still…

One year. 100 books. Check.

I did it.  100 books in one year.

Not only that, I was done early at 10 months and a couple days.

I first tried to hit the hundred book in 12 months mark starting in 2009, and never managed it, til now (?!).

I cannot fathom how I was able to do it this year, of all years, after moving across the country, starting a garden, building a shop, a place to live, a greenhouse, working, and all else that went on our first 10 months off-grid in Nova Scotia.  I still can’t see how this could have been the year.  My best guess is that my health was not the greatest this year, and down time means, usually, I can still read.

So to recap the best of the books I (randomly) chose to read in my year:

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