The colour in the jar is so lovely
The colour in the jar is so lovely

Since tapping our half dozen trees, we have learned exactly how much sap maples can produce: a GREAT deal.  6 trees=2 gallons on a warm sunny day.

We are completely overwhelmed by it, especially since the weather stopped being cold cold warm, cold cold warm… We could keep up with that.  The weather has finally started to turn warm warm warm, so we are drowning in sap.  We are not yet up to drinking 5 gallons at once, like the crazy Koreans I linked earlier (that would keep us on top of it).

What to do with it all?   *Trumpets*  Hail kombucha!

It first occurred to me when I was reading about syrup reduction and encountered a comment explaining that when the sap is improperly or incompletely reduced, sometimes a ‘mother’ can form on top in the bottle of syrup, and this is a distasteful, undesirable thing….. wait, what?

Did somebody say ‘mother’?

I was already making maple sap-ginger tea all the time with chopped ginger in sap, so I started a jar of kombucha with that, 3/4 gal of straight sap, a mom and a splash of the previous tea kombucha. Will it work? Shockingly, the sap jar developed faster and matured faster than the tea jar next to it, which was a few days ahead of it.

I bottled the first batch and it is aMAZing.  I’m saying so myself.  It carbonates hard (under a week in bottle) and is nothing like any other kombucha I’ve tasted.  Light, very gingery, sweet.  Not distinctly mapley but bubbly like pop.

Did I mention we’re overwhelmed by sap?  I’ve got six gallons of maple kombucha underway right now.

And SO pretty in the bottles.
And SO pretty in the bottles. This is the second batch.

I'm getting photobombed.
I’m getting photobombed.

6 thoughts on “MAPLE SAP KOMBUCHA!”

  1. Hi. Interested to do this. Can’t find to much info on it. But in your post you said “…and a mom…” are you refering to a SCOBY? A maple syrup formed “mother” or “yourself” putting it all together? Lol any process help would be greatly appreciated!!

  2. I see this maple sap kombucha post is nearly 3 years ago. Still doing it? Any learnings since then? Does the SCOBY stay viable when used batch after batch in maple sap kombucha?

    This is so intriguing to me! :) I brew kombucha, & my coworker just tapped her maple tree. She offered to give me a tap if I want to give it a go…using it in kombucha is definitely more appealing to me than boiling it down to syrup.

    1. Do it! It’s so good. I didn’t tap trees the past two springs but plan to this week and I will do sap kombucha again for sure; it is the best kombucha I’ve ever done.
      I’ve had kombucha without a gap all these years, and regularly do a standard black tea between series of flavours or herbals, supposedly that keeps the SCOBY strong (every 3-5 batches of “other”). I don’t know if the SCOBY would have time to decline in multiple batches of sap if it were a risk, because the sap doesn’t flow all that long – in a month it’ll be over and you’re back in the black tea anyway.

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