Earth Day

The dog is getting his fill of the snow while it’s still here, writhing around ecstatically in every patch.

A mild day of firsts on the little farm.  First shorts day (although there’s still lots of snow in the woods).  First mosquitoes (yay!).  First tick sightings (whoohoo!).  First day outside for the Silkies (I installed the doors on the other end of the greenhouse, Silkieland, and the little featherheads were opened up to the outdoors.  Only the rooster took advantage, leading to…).  The first rooster rumble.  The red rooster came out with a beak full of white feathers and got a water dish thrown at him for his trouble (he was very offended).

Really, today felt like the first day of spring.

And happy birthday (bearthday) to my Earth Day-born brother, who celebrates the Earth daily with his gorgeous photography.



One thought on “Earth Day”

  1. Ticks. Uggh.
    Our annual tick assault has already begun. It reminds us of one of the nice things about winter–no tick bites.
    Happy spring! (ticks and all)

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