The awesomest thing lately that I didn’t get a picture of:

The Newark airport food court bird.  Terminal C, to be precise.

I was purchasing a juice when I noticed a sparrow hopping around under the food court tables , weaving confidently among feet and luggage.

“Hey, there’s a bird in here!” I announced.  “Oh yes, he comes here every day,” said the juice lady.

Right away I started to negotiate the awkward balance between trying to capture a picture of the bird by running around after it  with my phone outstretched, and trying to not look like a crazy fool while I did it, since maybe not everyone could see the bird, or sympathize if they did.  An airport is not the wisest place to be acting like a crazy fool.

I did not get a picture of the bird, although it swooped right past about two feet from me at knee height to investigate under the table of someone opening a burrito (good choice), and disappointed, hopped right across the concourse to another sandwich eater, effortlessly avoiding the steady crowd of walking people.

I am in wonder of small individuals like this that completely and totally adapt to the artificial environments that our species creates, and learn so much about our behaviour in order to thrive.  A five-year-old of our species could not negotiate a crowd of cross traffic so well, nor perceive so quickly who in the room was opening a package of food, as opposed to a beverage, or sitting without eating.

But this sparrow, at some point, “decided” airport=awesome.  No predators, unlimited food, just a few idiosyncratic human patterns  to get used to.  Through observation, a piece of cake.  Speaking of which, that wrapper sounds like the ones muffins come in…

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