Vegetable chainsaw bar oil

I’m so excited to be done with the last jug of petroleum based chainsaw bar oil.  It’s disgusting, spraying that red thick oil all over every living thing, including oneself, every time you run the saw.

Every other kind of motor oil has specific protocols for disposal, but bar oil is designed to be lost during saw use.  Just vaporized, sprayed out, and dripped on the ground. Lovely.

Time to start using vegetable oil instead.

A friend told me it was possible, and I was startled.  You mean, no adaptation, just, substitute veg oil?  Yes.  Corn or canola oil, right off the supermarket shelf.  Not to mention, it’s about 1/4 of the price.  Only difference is viscosity, so the oil flow screw may need adjusting.

Wow. That’s a gamechanger.  One small change=major difference.  Better experience operating, and better for the earth.

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