Patching the greenhouse

It appears that some raptor or another hit my greenhouse.

Perhaps it was hoping for a chicken.

Let me just make a plug here for Lee Valley’s UV tape, which is awesome for taping up greenhouses.  It sticks like Tuck tape, but is clear (and thicker), thus avoiding those visually compelling Tuck tape accents.

While I was up there patching, I got a bird’s eye view of Smokey watching the Silkie channel:

The coop and end of the run is bagged for some extra rain shelter, but this shows the Silkie fortress.  There’s a foot of hardware cloth turned out and weighted with rocks to thwart diggers, hopefully, and the fence/run detaches from the coop, making them both portable.

The dog is thwarted, and he’s not happy about it.  He wants a Silkie nugget.

The whole run pivots around the pine tree (and favorite anthill/dustbath).  I couldn’t part them from the pine tree, so I had to incorporate it.  The non pine tree area has bird netting on the top.

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