Volunteer garlic growing after 15 years abandoned

I happened to notice the seed heads of some garlic growing in the brush.  Wow!

This garlic must have been planted over 15 years ago; it’s growing on the site of an old garden.  The chives also survived here, in fine form.

I dug some of it up to divide and plant properly this year.  Whatever variety it is, it’s hardy and persistent, and perfectly adapted to our location.

The bulbs are very small- very very small, but they are proper little bulbs, with tiny little cloves.

Answering the question:  What happens if you just leave the garlic in the ground?

It is very crowded, and grows very small.

It will be interesting to see how big they get next year in a cultivated site without competition.  Hopefully the year after will see them to full size.

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