More chicks on the way!

The white hen is setting on her second batch! (Actually, she’s due now any day-time flies).

As soon as her two chicks from the first batch were deemed by her old enough to be on their own, she started slinking back into the coop for some “me” time, and laying another clutch.

Five eggs this time, a nice reasonable number.  The brown hen has not been laying, so there are no eggs to steal.  Brown hen is far too busy with six little peepers scampering around her.  She gets no me time.

Her teenage chicks from the first batch are extremely put out, now that she’s setting.

They are no longer allowed to crawl under her at night.  She does her head-down growling thing and slams her wings shut, pressing them to the straw.   No admittance.

We’re just gonna sit on your head then, mom! (Mohawks on full display)

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