Jungle hens

The greenhouse is a jungle.  I don’t know why I didn’t really believe my tomatoes would grow into monster vines taller than me.  They did.  Just like everyone else’s.

The layer hens have been going in there sometimes.  I haven’t shut them out lately, as everything is too big for them to harm now, and they haven’t been terribly interested in it anyway.  Usually they are too busy playing Jungle Fowl in the edge of the forest.

But, there were a few in there the other day when I brought in a couple buckets of grey water to dump.  The vegetation in there  is pretty dense now, and the squash leaves are like patio umbrellas to a chicken.

So, keeping an eye on the chicken I saw scuttle into the tomatoes, I quickly chucked my bucket of water safely away from her, and scored a direct hit on a hen that I hadn’t seen!

Oh, the screaming!


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