Rebel chicks

The New Chicks Are Thriving

The white chicks are like the 6th or 7th children compared to the firstborn- they don’t get as much attention, and it’s harder to keep track of them.  How many of them are there, even?

These chicks happen to be giving star chick performances, though, and/or the white hen has upped her mom game.

There is frequent mom warming required
There is frequent mom warming required

Just when I had my theory all firmed up, that chicks have a developmental stage, much like babies and peekaboo, when they grasp that just because they can’t see mom, it does not mean she has ceased to exist.  Which if you think about it must be one of life’s epiphanies of the largest order of magnitude, but we’re too young to remember.

Anyways, that dawn of realization seems to happen in chicks around a week-ten days, which means a few days of morning and evening chick rescue in the interim until they can comprehend corners.  She’s GONE!  AllislostWe’regoingtoDIEEEEE!  … Oh, there she is.

With this pair of chicks, I’ve only had to crawl under the coop once-  once! to stuff abandoned chicks upstairs after mom’s gone to bed without them.  Likewise, only once had to shoo a chick out of the coop after mom left for breakfast without her young keeping up.

I worried a bit about the reaction of the teenagers to the tiny and vulnerable, but the small chicks (SO tiny) are all up in the mix, scampering and flitting like water bugs, no problems.

Days past:

Well, shall we off to bed then?
Well, shall we off to bed then?
Are the kids coming?
Are the kids coming?


Bedtime, kids! Get on up to bed!
Just the older ones.  Bedtime, kids! Get on up to bed!
We aren't ready for bed! Haha! Fun times!
We aren’t ready for bed! Haha! We’re chicks and we’re gonna par-tayyyy!  Fun times!
Oh crap! We're all alone. It's the end of the world!
Oh crap! We’re all alone. It’s the end of the world!
Huddle up and wait for the end....
Huddle up and wait.  Hopefully the end will be swift and painless.
(chucking them up to the top of the ramp) confused...
Wise older chick thinks younger siblings are dumb.
HEY! Are you TOUCHING my chicks!?
HEY! Are you TOUCHING my chicks!?


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