Quill face

The winter is a blessed time of relative porcupine peace, but earlier in the fall, the dog got a mouthful.

I pulled them all out of his mouth, but he still had a lumpy face.  That’s typical.  Some quills escape under his skin, and dissolve eventually, or work themselves out.

Many days later, I felt a little prick on top of his nose.

2015-11-18 11.25.47

It’s a quill!  Worked up from inside his mouth, poking out the top of his muzzle, right where he had a lump.  It pulled out easily, and the lump subsided.

The horror stories of migrating quills are frightening.  Someone told me about losing their Husky because a quill traveled into its heart.  That dog’s first porcupine.  What terrible luck.  Our dog has been intimate with maybe 11 porcupines now.  Apparently, they are irresistible.

2015-11-18 11.25.42
A lumpy face!? Am I still cute?

2 thoughts on “Quill face”

  1. Poor thing. I’m glad he is okay. Porcupines are one thing I am glad don’t live in my area. I agree. It looks like they would learn their lesson, but dogs seem to be irresistibly drawn to them.

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