Beavers at work

In this spot where I often stop to give the carsick dog a break on the way to town, a beaver has been logging.

2016-03-01 10.13.29

It’s pretty amazing how they fall their trees exactly where they want them.  In case case a series all lined up parallel.  Do they get it ever so close, and then push on them?  Wait out, or wait for,  windy days? Then they limb them, just like loggers.

2016-03-01 10.13.06

This beaver will probably be unlucky.  His work is already flooding a road, right by the highway.  He will not go unnoticed.

They do such wonderful landscape design work, but so often at odds with our human notions of good planning.

One thought on “Beavers at work”

  1. Yes. It is amazing how they go about building their dams/homes. And, they are often torn down by us humans when they make the streams overflow or cut into a pasture field. It’s sort of sad, but, I guess in this case, the bigger, stronger animal wins (humans).

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