First strawberries of the year!

20160609_170155 20160609_172516And the chives are making a bid for world domination.

Life carries on, driven to grow.

In the background these days, we are coping with the discovery that our beautiful dog, missing since April, died a long horrible death.  He was a five minute walk away on our neighbour’s property, and I am in disbelief and pain that I did not find him while he was still alive.  He was a  good and sweet dog and deserved much better.  I cry every day.

3 thoughts on “First strawberries of the year!”

  1. I’m so sad
    I’m at work struggling to keep it in
    I’m so sorry he suffered
    Why is life so cruel? We need struggle to evolve, but why so much sadistic torture
    Love you guys. Wish he was still there, modeling for the camera

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