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I’ve moved the oh-so-enjoyable-to move Silkie paddock over to the greenhouse, and splayed it out to each corner of the GH, making a big yard.

It’s lovely weather, now and in the forecast, and there’s a nice patch of grass there, so the Silkies are going to get to enjoy the outdoors for a week longer than their red-feathered friends.


They love a good sunbeam

In the last spate of bad weather, both new Silkie moms went into the GH (Chickery II melted in the rain) with the guineas.  Then the rooster-less red hens went in.  img_4578

They all get along.  It’s given me an idea.  I’m tentatively hoping to not have to segregate the GH this winter.  That’s no fun, and doesn’t work into the bargain.


There was a backlog as the first birds down the ramp came to a halt – Whooo!  Fresh grass! – and held up the queue.

Roo and attendants looking into the door


From the inside looking out

If all goes well, after they look at each other through the screen for a few days, I’ll open the door and they will integrate, and all will be well.

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