Coop Infiltration

I go to collect eggs, and what the? I find a Silkie egg in the coop:


There’s a Silkie laying eggs in the big hens’ coop.  Not only that, she’s laying them in the nest box where the others do. This must be the place for eggs.

This is amazing to me that one of the hens got it into her head to walk up the ramp of a coop she’s never been in, in the dark, where the residents are twice her size, and decide that’s the right place to lay an egg.



4 thoughts on “Coop Infiltration”

  1. Whaaaaaat! Is it possible the egg arrived at its conspicuous location through theft rather than avant garde trespassing?

    1. Yep. We wonder why she would go into a dark, strange coop, but the hens do tend to make proclamations when they lay, so she might have first heard where the eggs were.

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