The squirrel proof bird feeder

We got a “squirrel-proof” bird feeder for Christmas. The central core is a hopper and seed tray that is held stationary by the hanging rod, but the outer box, consisting of the clear roof and perching rails, is free to swivel around (and around and around), should a squirrel try to hang on it.

We were expecting a good show.

For several days, it saw no action at all.  Then one rainy day, this little guy was out there.  Apparently just hangin’ out in a dry place.img_4922Or was he resting between attempted assaults?

img_4918  Over the top….img_4920

Slide down to a scrambly grip on the perch – whoaa!img_4921

This is as close as he got to conquering it- straddling both perches, which keeps the outer canister balanced and makes the seeds accessible.  But I’m guessing at this point, he doesn’t have any free hands to reach the seeds.

He gave up quite soon.

2 thoughts on “The squirrel proof bird feeder”

  1. That’s neat. They usually figure out a way to defeat even the best “squirrel proof” feeders. They are quite the problem solvers. Let us know if one figures it out. For now, I’m sure the birds are happy.

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