The little house gets a floor

We installed black hardwood floor in the tiny house this weekend.  A whole 120 sq ft!  Two days: first we moved/shoved everything from one side of the house (room) to the other side, did the floor, and then moved everything from the second side to the first side to do that half of the floor.

img_5220 img_5219img_5226img_5231

We installed with an ordinary brad nailer, but each nail needed to be set, to not interfere with the T&G

img_5237 img_5240 img_5244

It’s so smooth!  Perfect for sock feet skating (a whole two strides across the room).

Very nice to cover the raw wood subfloor that has been the floor surface for two years, and recording all the stains of life in its grain.

When shopping for prefinished hardwood for under $1/sq ft, there are limitations on your choice.  In our case, there was a half-box too little of the black, so we finished it off with 3 courses of a different colour (but matching tongue).  It will all be hidden under the “kitchen”.


Among all the “stuff” that had to be shifted out of the second side is the kitchen – a 1×4″ affair supporting the countertop that I knocked up in an afternoon for temporary function – two years ago.  That had to come out to floor underneath it, and we put plywood up behind it so I can eventually tile a backsplash.

that's the kitchen "counter" doing workbench duty in the middle of the room now img_5263SOMEday, we’ll put some proper cabinetry under the counter, instead of this legs and shelves business.

It looks a little too nice now, like the rest of the place has a ways to go to live up to the floor now.  So warm underfoot now (the advantage of black in the sunshine).

Total amount of waste and leftovers after job done. A shoebox worth.

5 thoughts on “The little house gets a floor”

  1. I didn’t realize that you lived in a tiny house. Not sure I could do that. The black and sunshine will ensure that your feet will be nice and toasty and, it should help on heating bills in the winter. Great job.

  2. I’m so happy for you! Doesn’t if feel perfect in every way to finish such a project.? I’m also admiring your direct approach to finish haunting projects. You have inspired me to stop closing doors my own fright zones. AND…I truly love the simplicity of your legs and shelves business.

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