A proper storm’s blowing up.  The kind where snow swirls in the door when you open it and the wind is biting.  Sleet is skittering on the steel roof and the white stuff is starting to accumulate.

The hens are conserving their energy.  Only two eggs today – two!  Today was a nice days, but obviously their inner barometers consider the future, and said to hold on to their egg energy.

We’re supposed to get 30-40cm (1ft), which will be cool in ways- it will be normal; feel like a proper Canadian winter.  The winter so far has been weird as heck, with yoyo-ing temperatures, and not very much snow.  It might be a snow day!  It’s fun to be snowed in.  It would be nice for the ground to get a blanket on it.

Not so cool – it’s bound to knock half the province out of power again and make it dangerous and miserable for anyone who can’t have a fun snow day.  Plus it will be mad drifted with the wind.

3 thoughts on “Nor’easter”

    1. Oh, it was much ado about nothing. So was the last “dreaded storm”. It was loud and windy and there did come a foot of snow, but it was quite nice the next day. Cold though. The hens are in no hurry to come out of their snug in the morning.

      1. I guess the forecasters have to make much ado, just in case. If they didn’t and then there was a huge blizzard, people would be really upset. Glad it wasn’t too bad. Have a great rest of the weekend.

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