Relocating the pig palace

We are suddenly expecting piglets.  In March!  So, we had to rush around to get their home ready.

Since we don’t have a dog anymore, to pigsit for us and keep them safe from predators, we decided to install the pigs right next to us – about 100m from the house- even closer than the chickens.

That meant bringing the pig palace (est. 2014) all around the field from old location to new.  The two of us used to pick this thing up together by rope handles on the four corners, and walk it along, as we moved the pigs around the field with electric fence.  Doable, but moving the pigs wasn’t a chore we looked forward to.  Moving it several hundred meters slightly uphill, through light brush, wasn’t realistic.

So we took it in half.  Removed  the ridgecap and the collar ties, and the roof came in half, and then each half was a sled.  We skidded it along the snow by the two rope handles.

And reassembled it in situ at the new location.

It went very well, smoothly.  We installed a pallet, to keep the pigs off the ground, and three bales of old hay make a nice cozy box, with a pile of straw to burrow under.  We raided the hens’ hay fort, but the hens won’t be in the greenhouse much longer.

We set up the electric fence, two strands of tape.

All ready to receive the piglets.

Then we went to pick up the new oinkers.  And that´s where  “easy and smooth” ended.

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      1. Awww. I am so sorry! I have no words. How someone could kill an innocent animal is beyond me. Hope you can find the ability to forgive yourself. It sounds like you loved him a lot and he knew it. Giving him that for the time he did is special and I know that he is grateful for the time he had with you.

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