The tick horror show

Wood ticks lie in wait everywhere.

On the chickery








On the handles of buckets and baskets




And especially near the garden


This picture is worth taking a really long, close look at. How many ticks?
This is a zoom in. Less than 35, you’re not seeing them all


This was a bad tick day.  I had ticks all over me all day, and I thought I should have kept count.  I probably had 30 ticks on me today. 

So the next day I did count.  It was not as bad a tick day as the previous day, but I carefully counted all the ticks I pulled off of my clothes and self:

Forty-four (!).

And on my garden gate. I’m going to have to touch that.
This is what happens when I pick up a bucket or basket like that. They swarm enthusiastically up my hand!  Gross.


4 thoughts on “The tick horror show”

  1. Seriously. If there were that many ticks here, I would never go outside. Gives me the creeps. I hate just getting one on me, I can’t imagine 44! Can you use some sort of bug spray to keep them off of you, at least?

  2. Reminds me of when we had tent caterpillar apocalypse a few years ago….zombies. They just never stopped coming – not a tree in sight had a leaf, all the buildings were literally covered in them, the ground crawled with them, the horses were covered in them……they would crawl along the gutters and drop into the rain barrels by the bucket load. The ONLY saving grace – they don’t bite. ((((Shudder))))

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