Tomatoes already?!

I haven’t even gotten everything into my garden yet, and tomatoes are already forming in the greenhouse.  I’ve also canned a round of rhubarb.  I think it’s not good when the harvest starts before the planting is done.  Better…next…year.

In the meantime, my greenhouse companions, the Blondies, are joyously scritching around in the heavy mulch, until it gets too hot and I kick them outside for the day.

One chick decided to have a dust bath.  Very funny – a chick the size of a tennis ball taking a dust bath.  Really into it.  I’ve not seen a little chick dust bathe before.

They’re getting their wing feathers and little stubby tails.

A pile of snakes sunning in the pile of straw.

6 thoughts on “Tomatoes already?!”

    1. Yes, I welcome all the snakes. None are poisonous or harmful that I’m aware of. Which is good, because there are lots here. I see them every day.

      1. Yeah, my mom said that too, alarming me for the first time. I´ve had no problems yet in three years so I think I´ll keep giving the snakes the benefit of the doubt.

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