Peach season

The peach bounty is here!

I know what I’ll be doing for the next while!

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    1. I had some from a friends tree (that I covet), but also bought- except they AREN’T expensive, from the orchard! Grown in Nova Scotia. I wonder why expensive there – the storms?

      1. I think the blossoms got frozen in the spring, so there wasn’t a large crop this year. Problem is, once they sell them for a certain price, it rarely drops. :(

  1. Hi Selka I met you at the first intro bee weekend at Bello Uccello. Been following your blog ever since. Love it. A lot of it mirrors our life here in the Valley about 40 years ago. Big tip I learnt about 5 years ago though and wish I had many water-bath canning hours ago is doing it in the oven instead. I do all my tomatoes and all my fruits in whatever syrup is required recipe-wise and prep the jars etc same old way. Then I put them in my preheated oven 250degrees for one hour–or slightly less, as you get familiar with it over the years. 20+ jars in one go. Only had one batch in 5 years go bad when I bought a quantity of commercial eating tomatoes. Not a bit of natural acid in them. Once you take them out of the oven–I put them on a rack or towels– you will hear the seals pop shut, then tighten the lids to completely tight. Too easy Hope this saves you some time Andrea

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    1. Well, thanks for saying Hi! Yes, I know people that do that, but we are off-grid, so don’t have an oven at all! Only stovetop. There’s a number of things we go without without the grid. Oven canning may work in a big kitchen woodstove, I don’t know if you can keep the heat constant, but we don’t have one of those either:)

      1. Quite often there was a “summer” kitchen attached out the back of the house because it was too hot to have the big wood stove fired up for the big farm meals and all the canning that still had to go on. Maybe you could have a leanto shed with a cook stove there for any big cooking you need to do. We had a leanto added onto our “renovated” chicken coop that we lived in so I could bake bread, roast,heat water, etc

    2. And yes, that’s a BIG thing with commercial tomatoes- the lack of acid.

        Putting Food By

      goes on and on about it. The acid level of conventional tomatoes has plummeted in recent years, along with the nutrient levels, making them unsafe to can without adding acid and/or measuring pH.

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