A very nice nest

HW was brushing alders, and discovered an impressive nest.  He broke off the branch to show me, and demonstrate the features of the nest:

The nest builder used a combination of twigs, thick grass, and plastic threads from a feed sack,then moved down to finer grass for the inside bowl, and lined it with pine needles. From the back of the nest, you can see how the builder brought in short twigs and stacked, layered and crossed them, securing them with weaving, in the crotch of the host tree, almost exactly like we would go about building a treehouse platform in the fork of a tree.The ends of the “foundation” twigs are all sticking out the back. You can see how it was made to support this whole area. Birds are marvels.  It is a very nice nest.

2 thoughts on “A very nice nest”

  1. It is amazing how meticulous animals/birds are in building their nests. I have watched squirrels run what seems like miles, up and down trees with branches they have chewed off, making their nests. But, bird nests are always the most intricate. Thanks for sharing.

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