Guinea roosts

I hung sticks up for the guineas’ roosting pleasure.  They’re tied off to the purlins about 7′ up, and they swing a little.  The guineas seem to love it, but they are exceedingly coy about being captured on film using it.  I can see them through the plastic up on their sticks.  I can sneak up and catch the last two still holding on, just before they fly down.  But they won’t let me see them all roosted up on it, and they aren’t using their sticks to sleep at night yet.  Still sleeping on the header of the door.

The baby guinea has a new talent.  It can hop up on the baseboard now and run along it behind the ribs. It’s a chick sized highway.

3 thoughts on “Guinea roosts”

    1. The guineas? I grabbed up the chicks on the big rain day and used them to bait their mother inside – there’s a post on that around the end of October – and then all the other guineas want to be with the mother hen, so they followed her in when I left. The chicks couldn’t jump out by themselves and the mom won’t leave them, so she was effectively stuck in the GH, and the others went in to her.

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