Pretty snow fall

Getting a load of this snow today.  The Christmas card variety, that makes everything look good.Even a pallet. It’s very cozy in the greenhouse right now, banked up like this.The hens always come for sno-cone time.  They love snow and ice.  I can only assume it’s the texture and variety, the same reasons we like ice cream. My bees.  I don’t know if they’ll make it.  I lost my original hive, the big hive, at the end of summer, and this is the new hive, the late summer arrivals.  Stronger stock, but will they be infected by what killed my other hive?  Fingers crossed for the winter.  So far, they are still humming in there.I love seeing the little bird hops through the snow.  The little birds are so familiar, hopping along our paths, the deck, so close when we’re not there to see them.   Here one went up to the door and along, behind the shovel…Some birds can only side by side hop – both legs doing the same thing at the same time.  There’s so much going on in the brain to enable one-leg-at-a-time walking, like we know walking (balance, coordination, shifting), that birds capable of striding instead of hopping are considered to have greater intellects.  There’re ravens and crows, birds of prey and pigeons, that walk, well known for their big brains, and… ahem, chickens!  Not usually cited among the mental giants, but they are definitely one leg at a time walkers.  The perching rooster was tightrope walking the guinea swing today.  Not quite Philippe Petit, but impressive (Hmm, I think he just got his name).Very few birds at the trough today.  Just chickadees and juncos today.  The ground seeds were getting covered up quickly and I was re-casting, so it will be a big feast when it all melts. I love capturing transitions. The juncos are camera shy.Hey, deep snow!


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