The high wire act

Philippe Petit is getting his sisters in on the act.

Night before last I saw the bird forms on the rail in the dark, crushed up to the wall of the GH at the opposite end of the branch from the other guineas, and I thought two of the guineas were friends off with the other guineas, but in the light of morning, it turned out Philippe had spent the night roosting, with Perchick.

Not a surprise.  Perchick has been perching as high as she can get since she was a tiny chick.  These Heritage chickens remember that they’re birds.

But last night, it was Cream Puff!  And today, she was watching me approach through the plastic, so I went to the far door to get pictures before she flew down.Then she got on his branch and started walking along. Throwing her wings out for balance periodically like we would our arms.  whoa-Whoa! Ok… She’s on her way back now.  She’s starting to mess with PP’s balance.
Hey. You’re messing up my relax, here.


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