Chicken Day out!

Finally, I set up the hen yard fences again, and let all the chickens out in their yard.  It’s been maybe two months they’ve been crammed in the GH, and they are doing pretty well considering.  But I know they get frustrated being confined and in close proximity with the others.  They don’t all like each other.

This “winter” has been so strange.  Cold and then warm, a snow blanket, but only briefly, and then a big warm muddy week… the end of February feels like the end of April.  T-shirt weather.  I feel like I should be working the ground in the garden, and have to check myself- it’s the end of February.  In another year, there could be two feet of snow right now. Really?  We can come out?

Because of the weather weirdness, I could have had the hens freed in the yard two weeks ago, but didn’t, because I never wanted to set up the fence and then leave them.  They’re sure to find all the holes in the fence while I’m gone.  But today I was home all day.Oh, the bliss.  The hens came pouring out,  Leaving the greenhouse a ghost town. Real dirt, a quality scratching experience.  Direct sun!  The relief and joy were palpable.  All of us, including me, let out a big breath.  Peace descended like a light blanket. They were so pleased and relaxed to be outside.  I got to unscrew their chicken doors for regular use now, and they were so thrilled ot be out they didn’t even test the boundaries (except for one guinea, and that seemed to be an accident).

Now all the hens have muddy socks, because there’s a mud hole in front of both doors.

5 thoughts on “Chicken Day out!”

  1. We had a really warm January , and the mourning dove pair set up their nest during that warm spell, two months early ! Then February has been cold , and she’s stuck on the nest, even though a few nights of freezing. Glad to see your chickens happy !

      1. Egg hatched! Mama’s feeding it! Hasn’t been below freezing , and should be warm by the time the chick fledges! Then, it’s watch out for the hawks !

      2. Wow! That’s one early chick. I haven’t even seen a robin around, although I’ve heard they’re back. And the geese.

      3. Like two months early! Usually, they’d just be building the nest now! (We’re way down south, so we have a long dove breeding season–usually early March through Sept!) Saw both chicks today (at least I think there are two) and they’re big! And strong! And very healthy looking! :)

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