Portraits of Puffcheeks

Puffcheeks is new here.  She’s my friend’s favourite chicken, god knows why I got entrusted with her, but she’s come to retire at my chicken rest home.  She’s a distant Auntie to Cheeks, my other Easter Egger.She’s always in the bath.  Except when I go in with the camera.  Then she hops right out.  Usually it’s her in the bath, often just her, and she’ll barely look up, while the other hens go nuts over the meal delivery.  Food?  Oh, do just leave it over there, I’ll get to it later.  Ta, dahling!Today I got a few closeups, the vast majority out of focus or blurred by her sudden movement. Hey!  Outta my shot!  I’m doing the modeling here!I think I caught her blinking – that inner eye membrane of birds.  Or else she has cataracts.Oh, how I wish this one was in focus.

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