Foot spa for Apples

House chicken has her name.  It’s Apples, since she lives in an apple box (it’s a box troll thing).  And today she’s getting her feet vaselined.  Like all the other Silkies, to varying degrees, she’s afflicted with scaly mite.  Some of them showed marked improvement with the oil of oregano, some didn’t (some probably drank from puddles when their water got flavoured).  At any rate, the vaselining of the feet carries on, regularly.  It just usually takes place outside.Not in a comfortable chair. They’re so funny!  It’s funny to do, it’s funny to look at the pictures.  They all initially squeal and flap their feet, and then watch the proceedings interestedly, usually splaying out their feet like hands.   Then they get pissy after you set them down and they start preening their feet.  Look what you did to my feathers!  I had them just right!

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