Sprout shelves

Today I built a window shelf apparatus to accommodate all the seedlings.  Well, not all the seedlings on this shelf.  This will allow the house to accommodate all my seedlings, because I know I’m going to outgrow the windowsills this spring.Hmm, I didn’t take a great picture of it.

Using only windowsills would max me out at 6 trays (it’s worked in the past, sort of), and with these shelves I can now have 10 trays.

It makes the room darker and ruins the picture window effect, but that will be fine for a month each year.  It’s going to smell like a hothouse in here, especially when the tomato sprouts get smelly, like they do, excited to be tomatoes.

I can just imagine all six windows kitted out with shelve units, in which case I could get 20, maybe 24 trays of starts in the windows.  Oooooh:)  That would be a true capacity maximum, and I don’t think I should get too excited about that.

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  1. Hi. Love the shelves— my Dad put shelf tracking up the sides of his windows in one room and then had glass shelves cut so it looked like the trays were floating. He didn’t need to rush to take them down either because, being glass, they didn’t interfere with the light when empty

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