Construction always draws a crowd

I’m getting some more chickens (because I really need more chickens).  What I really need is genetic diversity in the Silkie flock, so I was going to get eggs to hatch, but when I looked for eggs, I found someone liquidating a flock of young Silkies, so I chose that.  It will be a lot faster.

Planning to keep them separate upon import for them to adjust, I had to knock together a coop.  I converted the newer chickery by putting a base and lid on it, and cutting a door and adding a hinged ramp.

I’m going to make all future ramps like this, too, with a door in the wall that folds down to ramp.  My first coops have hinged ramps in the floor, and while that does keep it dark and dry in there, it’s a waste of some floor space, and harder to build!Anyway, the chickery-now-coop is high-security, and it’s wrapped in canvas for light.  It’s a wall tent.  This is not an outdoor-worthy coop, and I can easily convert it back to chickery. I moved it in and installed it in the corner, and all the birds had a sudden realization that they’d never fully appreciated how interesting that corner of the greenhouse was. Fascinating!

Super aesthetic- some of my finest work yet

After the interest finally waned, I walled off the corner and coop with some canvas and snow fence, so there’s one “viewing window” where the new birds can look at each other but will be mostly undistracted by the neighbours.

Night missions to go get them…

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