Freedom day

Everyone was set free today.  Hopefully the snow is really over this time.

Yo, we’re free range again!

The fence was dropped for the hens at large to exit.  They were happy and noisy scritching in the leaves in the woods.

Philippe Petit is not himself these days.  He’s got  a sore foot; he’s limping on the right.  I couldn’t find any thorns (my first guess), or anything wrong with it, so I hope he recovers soon.  He can’t keep track of all these girls if he’s lame.  I expected to see the whole flock passing by the house, but instead, they were all back in the greenhouse in an hour, and only a couple wandered by to forage under the bird feeder in the afternoon.The Silkies got outdoor access today too.  I moved their fence inside so they could have a door and a whole yard to themselves, now the layers have the rest of the world.  Guess what.  They didn’t use their freedom.  That’s odd, for the Colonel.And the sequestered new roosters got their veil lifted too.

The sooner I can take down this so-attractive enclosure, the better.

They immediately got infiltrated by some nosy hens.

You fellas been bogarting anything good in here?

The roos just stared, and trickled slowly out of their corner into the greenhouse at large. I figured with the outdoors available and the greenhouse mostly emptied out, it was a good time for the roosters to integrate.  By that I mean fight until they have  an understanding.  Lots of space to do it though.  HW said “Uhoh.  It’s going to be Scruffle Central in there!”  It was.  But that’s another story, and no one was bloodied.

Heard peepers tonight!

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