Scruffle central

When the new boys got released and wandered out of their corner, they met the roosters who already lived in the greenhouse. Cue the battles You’d be forgiven for thinking that rooster fights are actually high jump contests.

Nice one.
Watch this.

Back to staring for a while… A victor is emerging. They’re both tired.  Panting.

I’ll ballet on you, fiend!
Your frilled-necked lizard impression isn’t fooling me!
I’ll WWE you, interloper!

The interloper is now having second thoughts.

Ding ding ding!  Now for the next match…

6 thoughts on “Scruffle central”

  1. They are so pretty and so naughty! I have had roosters walk past covered in blood from a fight I missed. Boo breaks them up usually by running in between the fighters. It is the time of year i suppose!

    1. Yes, they may be compensating for being small and floofy and flamboyant – “Actually, I’m really tough!”

    1. They aren’t hurting each other though. No blood was drawn in that whole battle I photographed and barely a feather flew. They were exerting themselves, more of an endurance game. Sometimes they can draw blood (if they’re really both too stubborn to tap), and I break it up when I see that.

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