chicken tight, guinea strong

It’s time for the tomato starts to go out into the greenhouse.  I didn’t actually build the greenhouse for the chickens to live in (that was just a convenient side effect). But because the chickens still  live in the greenhouse, the tomatoes must be protected from them, in an unquestionably secure way.  They are in a maximum security safe, complete with roof, because guaranteed there’ll be a guinea walking around up there.

I’ve learned the hard way to not underestimate the power of chickens to access what they want, especially green things. But in a reversal of the norm, the plants are caged, not the chickens.

A friend gave me this adjustable shelf unit that is performing spectacularly well.  120 tomato starts don’t even take up half of it, and it will be more than enough for all the starts we’ll need to transition to outdoor living.The chickery has been repurposed, again.  It will easily revert back from function as tomato safe before we hear the pitter patter of little chicken feet.

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