Bunch’a house sitters

The chickens like to stand around all afternoon on top of their houses.  All of the houses are fair game.And a bale sitter.  I love this hen.  The little silver adventurer.  She’s the best.  She needs a name. Cream Puff.

They are just, just about to get evicted from the greenhouse.  And those old dusty poopy houses will get a good rinsing in the next rain.  And then the birds can’t sit around all afternoon indoors.  They’ll have to play outside.  Right now they wander around outside for a few hours, and then, like they’re slacking off work, they wander back into the GH and flop around.  Off duty. Time to scratch, ladies, it’s spring!

2 thoughts on “Bunch’a house sitters”

  1. I think you should name your little silver, adventurer hen, Jeanne, after Jeanne Baret who was the first woman to circumnavigate the globe in 1866 – 1869. She had to do so, disguised as a man, because women weren’t allowed in the French Navy. Or Annie, for Annie Smith Peck (pun here) that won acclaim for setting mountain climbing records in trousers and tunics instead of skirts, in the early 1900’s.

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