Ready for rain

Tomorrow is greenhouse planting day, so today I reinstalled the famous greenhouse gutter (ok, it’s not famous, I’m just smug about inventing it).  Or at least, the framing for the gutter.  That’s the part that requires walking around inside, that needed to get done before the plants go in.  I put it off after moving the greenhouse.  The gutter will just clip on afterwards.It went very well.  Smooth, just took time.  All sealed up, chicken tight.  I’ll be happy to not have to remove it again for a couple of years.These lazy birds will have a rude surprise tomorrow when they’re finally shut out.  I will have to put a couple of hay bales outside for standing on.  Guaranteed they’ll be staring in the door at us all day.  And just like last year, it’s supposed to rain, but not very much.  So no sympathy this time!

The walnut tree is leafing out.

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