Oh no!  I took a pile of pictures of Silkies, feathers glowing backlit by the evening sun, and expecting to post them, I find none of them are there!  Some error.  :(  It was a sunny day and the the birds were fuzzy and adorable hopping around in the grass.

Still potting up some small starts, and little Apples gets excited. Every time the dirt comes out, so does she.  She likes to knock over a pot and kick it around (I give her one to play with).  She has developed some extravagantly feathered feet.Little chamomiles

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    1. Actually, no! I think it’s just her genes. There are three other hens outside with very opulent slippers too. But the four of them are a minority. The head poof and the feet feathers come in different degrees, and who knows, until they mature.

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