Selfie with falcon

Apples was out with me for enrichment time, while I was building stuff by the house.  I take her with me outside when I’m working in one area, so she can act like a real chicken for awhile.  She doesn’t much act like a real chicken though.Oh!  A wild chicken encounter! Ohohohhh.  Nervous:)

Then I thought I should try and get a pic of our transportation arrangement.  I pick her up and she squirms until she’s happy with her grip, and then she rides. Will this work?  Selfies: not so easy with an SLR.  Worked, though! She’s turned around on my arm.  Did you see that?  I did a 180.  I’m practically ready for the circus.When she goes back in to her box, every time, she eats ravenously and quickly and then takes a big nap.  Wow, the stimulation!  I need to sleep it off.  This time she hardly made it all the way back into her box, and zzzz.  The little princess.

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