I allowed myself to have a part of a day where I just did something that I just wanted to do, instead of needed to be done (like solar re-wiring, or boundary maintenance).  And it was even more glorious than imagined.  I made three flower boxes, and seven birdhouses, although I didn’t get to any decorative ones, just the robust functional ones the birds actually use.

With the participation of Apples the house chicken

They’re headed for the garden fence posts, etc.  Probably too late for this year’s nesters, but who knows. Spring birdhouse maintenance is going to become a day project.

All done

I saw a tree swallow!  The first I’ve seen here!  Exciting.  She was swooping over the hens, eating on the wing.  Spent the day.  I hope she’s nesting!  Possibly in a snag, in an old woodpecker hole maybe.  Perhaps in one of the first run of birdhouses that’s still up, all over.

I want to make another birdhouse tree like this.

Guineas passing through!

I have the tree in mind:)

I want to let my art out, and I’m looking forward to having some of the basic life support systems finished and dialed enough to do some purely decorative things.  There’s a paucity of room for artistic expression around here, when there’s an old shed to take apart, an invasive species that needs constant battling, and irrigating the greenhouse means carrying water when it rains.  Priorities, you know.  But a good day of fun stuff is surprisingly “filling”.For instance, the windows are past due for some attention (caulking, painting), while I’m accessorizing them with flower boxes.  One of these days, we’ll paint, and finish the siding.

3 thoughts on “BIRDHOUSE FACTORY”

  1. So glad you took time to do some things you wanted to do not had to do, as that aids in mind health. I’ve had Tree Swallows raise young in bird houses like yours every year for 30+ years….except this year! Some swallows did come around, later than usual, checked out one or two of my five bird houses but didn’t stay. One house did have a nest and 6 pure white swallow eggs, sadly seemingly abandoned.:( It feels like the Twilight zone, the earth off kilter without my annual five or so pairs of swallows twittering and swooping all over the yard. It’s a mystery. Wishing you a yard full of birds….besides chickens and guineas:)

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