Stand by

The chicks are bouncy, and still mom-sitters.  Both of them.  But the yellow one more than the other.

Cream Puff has relaxed into her broodiness and is now a feather pancake with a beak and a baleful stare.

And the piglets are coming today.

But I can’t post pictures!

I’ve hit a technological barrier.  My blog has hit its media capacity of 13G of images.  That’s what 9 years of blogging will do!

In spite of deleting dozens and compressing new photos, I can’t add more than one picture today.  While I figure out how to overcome that (laborious deleting?  purchasing the unlimited package?), there is a pause on my posts.  Hopefully only for today!  Because those piglets will be cute!

3 thoughts on “Stand by”

  1. I’ve got a blog tip for you! Open another free WordPress site and use it to host the pictures . Then insert it into a draft post on that second site , grab the html code and paste it into the real post on your main site . I’ve been doing this for a few years and it works great !

    1. Oh my! Then you have two different sign ins? Because my images on my different blogs all count towards ME, my account.

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