Bee waterer

The bees have decided where they want to drink.  The purple chicken waterer.  Now it’s a bee waterer, because the chickens won’t use it anymore.  They know better.  They know what bees do.

This happened last year too.  The bees co-opted a waterer.  I prefer them to use the top of the blue barrels; that’s nice and safe, and closer, but they do what they want.

What I’m excited about is fixing the bee drowning problem.  They manage to drown themselves even in that little waterer.  The answer is corks!bee waterer with corksLots of bee life rafts.


One thought on “Bee waterer”

  1. Buoyant bee bobbers :) Your cork idea will not only be bee life savers but they’ll keep the bees and you ‘buoyant’ in another way, as in lighthearted and merry. Brilliant idea!

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