I’ve got a few garlic scapes.

All the chicken families are doing well:Perchick, etc, almost, but not quite, ready for bed. Apples and cohort, very active. The orphans.   They’re settling down.They like to sit on and run over those covered wagons like rolling hills.  It’s a raised vantage point. The hens inside are near due.  At night they crawl under the loose canvas on the left, and I let them into that left kennel with the resigned hen.

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  1. That is a large pile of scapes! Obviously your garlic plants are thriving. Ideas (though you may already know): saute, steam, chop raw and throw in salads, soup, stew, meat sauce, etc. They can be frozen or pickled (in your free time;) too. They are touted as a gourmet product and I’ve seen them selling at 25.00$ for 5#. Or….wonder if your little pigs would eat some??

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