The tomatoes are all strung up now, in the greenhouse.  They’re looking good, despite our wack weather.  There’s a fair number of green tomatoes.  The cucumbers on the other hand have just decided to get off the couch and grow.

The orphan chicks learned how to let themselves today, squeezing through the orange mesh of the doors.  Happily, they let themselves back in, too, and were ready to go to bed.Two more days in for this bunch.  I want they controlled for the rain coming on Friday, so I can keep them dry in the GH.  Then it will be freedom time!  They’ve taken to hanging out on the top of their cardboard box, even en famille.Speaking of freedom.  This one and (his?/her?) sister, the first chicks of the year, are still all about slipping out of the Silkieland tractor.  They are not as good at getting back in.  I had to catch her this time, so I took some pictures. Ok, show us your wing now. Cutie.  They’re great fliers.

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