Window protection saves wild bird

I had a bird finally test the bird protection window screens I’m so proud of.

I happened to be inside to see a bird fly straight into the window.  I’m quite sure it was a young robin.  There are two being attended by frazzled moms right in the vicinity of the house, and one overactive and very friendly baby woodpecker that’s always on top of us – very cute.  But this wasn’t the woodpecker, it was a substantial dark bird, so I’m sure a robin.

The bird came straight at the window full tilt, and then slammed into the screen, spreadeagled like a cartoon of a bird whacking into a window (not a  funny cartoon!), then instead of errrk, cartoon squeaking down the glass…  SPROIIING!  The mesh rebounded and threw it back, the bird tumbling and recovering in the air.  I didn’t even have time for my mouth to fall open, watching the whole thing in an instant.

Awesome!  Exactly like I imagined. It didn’t even contact the glass.

HW got over the aesthetic issues and slight obstruction of the view long ago, so I’m in the clear with my no-kill windows.

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