This is Ketchup and Mayo and their Mom.  Every day they hop up on the edges on Silkietown for post-breakfast perching hour.  In fact, they come and go all day.  These are the year’s first chicks, and they are now being taught to go in the coop with the big chickens at night.  I fish them out of the Silkie coop and stuff them in the big coop, and they take it well, but in the morning, they fly home for breakfast and perching hang time with Mom.I was inspired by “Mustardseed”, and thought, oh, those two are perfect, red, and well…more white than yellow, but they can be Ketchup and Mustard.  I was pointing them out to HW and he said “Wait, who’s Mustard?  (scoffs) No way!!! That’s Mayonnaise!”I couldn’t argue.   She’s very white.  But condiments are a very rich line of potential names.  There will be a whole fridge door of chickens.

Another Mom-sitter

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