Poppies and peanuts close at night

I’ve got some varmint taking out my beans.  It’s really annoying.  I suspected a vole, but, would a vole cut down the beans and then drag them under the overhanging thyme and sage in the next bed?   I’ve got something like a tiny beaver, felling beanstalks and then hauling them to the adjacent garden bed to hide under herbs. These stalks are freshly wilted!I thought I already had scapes.  These are the second round of late or postponed scapery.  Almost as much as the first round.  I’ve got some garlic.

The fence posts I put in this spring are growing.  fenceposts growing branches leavesThree new garden fence posts are sprouting a half dozen lush plumes of leaves.  This isn’t too surprising, fenceposts are known to do that, but the posts are in upside down.  Opposite of the way the tree was growing before I cut it down.  So the wood has decided to reverse the flow of sap?  Root from the skyward end?  That’s wild.  In the greenhouse, the peanuts fold their leaves tightly closed every night like prayer hands.  I like this reactionary plant movement.  Plants have their own responsive awareness.

3 thoughts on “Poppies and peanuts close at night”

  1. My guess is your cute wild ‘Peter/Pam Rabbit’ or rabbits are feasting on your beans. Any veggies within their reach are at risk. And to explain the felling like from a tiny beaver, I quote: “…their sharp incisors most often leave a near-perfect, 45-degree angled cut in the stem.” Do I intuit more fencing in your future? Wouldn’t it be dreamy to make a wild rabbit garden where all your wild rabbits could come and go and would only eat the veggies there, along with any weeds of course.

    1. It’s not rabbits- there’s an effective rabbit fence around the garden(s). I’m sure because I left the gate open one night and a whole head of lettuce was eaten, just like you’d expect from a rabbit. “There was this one night…I can still remember the taste…”

    2. OK, maybe it’s rabbits. I thought they were all cut off at ground level, but no, there’s some decidedly 45° angle cuts. They’re probably tunneling in.

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