Romeo’s first day

Chris started his day with fights.  The Silkie roosters took him on one at a time, from the top of the pecking order down.

While he was distracted, another one chased Cream Puff and grabbed her by the tail.  Hugely indignant, she escaped to the top of the coop, all ruffled up, to watch the fights.This was crazy!  I was like, what are you thinking!!?  This little rooster taking on the giant is like when your unsporty desk job friend has a few drinks and wants to fight the bouncer.  I carn take ‘im!  And everyone, including the bouncer, is like Just get ’em out of here.  Pls.

Chris is really a very nice rooster and didn’t go picking any fights.  He just finished the ones that picked him.

That’s my man.

But the Silkie roosters are little scrappers with no sense of their own size, or maybe just no sense, period.   They are quick, I float like a butterfly!  but there was no real contest.  It didn’t last long.

Chris conquered them by literally stepping on them.  He’d get them pinned and just stand on them with one foot until they squirmed out and ran behind a bush.  One by one, each fight faster, finished with all the little roos behind the bush, crowing.  Well – I’m just gonna yell, from over here!  And that was that.The last one didn’t even engage.  Oh, I was just leaving.  Nope!  I didn’t say anything!  Didn’t say nothing at all! That bush over there looks real good all of a sudden.   Then, the social order disrupted, the little roos had to fight each other to sort themselves out again. Then there was peace, and Chris and Cream Puff installed themselves at the far end of the greenhouse, just like I hoped.

Now Chris rules Walnut Tree Land and Philippe, Pine Tree Land, at the opposite ends of the GH.  At the end of the day, they met at the side of the garden, but it was indecisive, since I broke them up.  I wanted them to go to bed so I could close coops.

I don’t know who won between Chris and the Colonel, midday.  The Colonel was bloody but looked smug, and there were feathers lost on both sides.

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