So it’s come to this

I knew it was a thing.  I didn’t know it was an industry. (Totally worth the click). 

I missed my calling as chicken seamstress.

I have a couple hens who would be really into that tutu (I’m thinking of you, Cheeks).  I believe hens have enough self-awareness to have a sense of pride in appearance, and it would feel like an extra nice tail.  I remember clothing changing the demeanor and status of Jean Jacket.

I could use a couple chicken saddles, too, for Cheeks and Puffcheeks, who are both getting ragged from being Philippe’s favorites (he likes his ladies bearded).  It’s not like they run from from him, though; they are both constantly at his side, from day one, so I didn’t think there was anything I could do for them but perhaps a protective mantle of some kind…  that I’ve been designing in my mind…but of course, it’s already been done, and done big.

Enjoy the chicken accoutrements story:)

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