Cutest keets

I put a chair in the greenhouse for visiting the chicks, and the keets took advantage.It must have been perching hour, because they were all having a little bit of vantage time, Galahad etc perched on the edge of a chickery, one with broody hens in it. SO CUTE! There’s quite a crowd for him to look after now.  He’s busy. What a star.

And of course at night I found him in the peppers, all fanned out over the little crowd, some heads poking out.  So he is sitting on them.

We’re still babies. We’re not too big for warming!

I had to rescue one keet that had dropped down into the chickery (when I caught it, one of the resident broodies came reflexively shooting out at me, Grrrrr! Chick under threat!), and it was soft and not very thickly feathered.  They look like they have lots of feathers and they have these big functional wings, but they are covered only with little short feathers, so they must still need extra warmth.

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