The sunflowers are blooming

The bees  are feasting.  The goldenrod is out too, so the pollen drive is on.Galahad is ready to be free again, but his little charges are perfectly content and thoroughly entertained.The greenhouse is crowded right now!  I moved Daisy and Cotton back in the greenhouse for rain days, and the door is even blocked by a chickery.  We had a rain day, and then a drizzle day.  Daisy cares not, as long as she can dig.  Cotton wants out, asap.

I harvested a mountain of Tulsi, exposing a lot of ground and the keets were deeply engrossed in scratching it all up.

Mount Tulsi

Uhoh!In the evening, there was a sad keet trapped in with Daisy and  chicks – they were unperturbed.Little cutie.  Not so much of a fighter as the one who fell in a chickery yesterday.   At night Galahad was warming them in the pepper jungle again, doing an umbrella impression to shelter the horde.  The pictures I take at dusk are too dark though.

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